Happy That Sheriff Put Marker Buoys On Lake

Bemidji Pioneer

Ron Vroom

When I moved to Bemidji in 1995, there were marker buoys on Lake Bemidji, marking the Mississippi River channel on the east side of the lake which were very helpful to locate the channel, especially at night.

They disappeared after 1995. When Phil Hodapp was going door to door campaigning for sheriff, I mentioned to him that if would be nice if we could get the buoys back. He told me to give him a call if he was elected, and remind him about it.

After his recent newspaper article on water safety, it reminded me of our conversation, so I wrote him an e-mail, and the very next day he replied. He told me it had taken some time to obtain funding for the buoys, but that the equipment had been ordered. Shortly before July 4th, I then got a telephone call from him telling me that the equipment had arrived earlier than expected, and that the buoys had been installed. Pretty timely for the boaters who attended the July 4th fireworks display and then returned down river.

I think Sheriff Hodapp deserves a word of thanks for keeping his promise and how responsive he is.


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